Making It

In 2004, I took a tripod, camera, and a deck of cards outside and filmed every flourish I knew.

After tinkering around with the footage in Sony Vegas for a few days, I assembled something that I was pretty proud of, which I then posted onto Bone Ho’s pre-social-media social media site, The Cheater’s Cheater.

Looking back on it, the video is kinda shitty in its own charming way (Scotty 2 Hotty’s entrance music? What potato did you film this on? And why did you name it after a Blink-182 DVD?), but at the time the kind mods at TCC were gracious enough to feature it on the front page of the site, which gave my 16-year-old self a massive ego boost like no other.

Here I was, amongst the ranks of legends like Harwin and TheRainMan, with 5-star ratings and encouraging comments raining down on me like manna from heaven.

This is it, I thought. I’ve finally made it.