Touching Base with Cardistry Touch

Artwork by Deleonij

This week we sit down with Cardistry Touch’s Dimitri and Ladislas to get some insight into the way they think and operate Cardistry Touch. Their projects have shifted the very essence of the Cardistry World and have influenced a new wave of playing cards designed purely for Cardistry.

So, grab your deck, play some lo-fi in the background and let’s get this poppin!


Look No Further

“It’s one of my theories that when people give you advice, they’re really just talking to themselves in the past.”

Austin Kleon, Steal Like an Artist

A year and a half ago, I found myself giving a presentation in Mexico on the subject of creativity within Cardistry. There was an accompanying slideshow of course (Cardistry is a visual art form, after all), and one of the slides read:

“You already have everything that you need.”

A year and a half later, I now find myself at the receiving end of that very same advice.


What Dan & Dave Taught Me

Today marks the 36th year since the world gifted us with the legendary Buck Twins, two outstanding twin brothers whose legacy would both form and change the world of playing card flourishes forever.

Found this hanging up in the bathroom at Art of Play