5 Books Every Cardist Should Read

This quarantine has given me ample time to indulge in one of my favorite pastimes: reading.

There’s something about staring at numerous, carefully arranged ink blots on sliced trees and morphing them into ideas in your head that’s still magical to me. Even better when they’re ideas that you can use and apply directly to your own discipline, i.e. Cardistry.

As an avid reader, I often get asked for book recommendations. Usually I first ask the person what kind of material they’re looking for, and examples of what they’ve enjoyed in the past, so that I can make a suggestion that’s tailored for that specific individual. But since I can’t poll every single one of you on your particular tastes, I figured I’d write a catch-all article listing 5 books that have influenced me the most as a Cardist.

I hope they can do the same for you.